Dell EMC and Cisco renew HCI partnership

Dell EMC and Cisco renew HCI partnership

By Cobus Smit – 11 Set 2019

If you look at Dell that has all of its own solutions like blades and networking you would think that Dell EMC would use their own equipment. If you think about the HCI partnership from old VCE that started with EMC, Cisco and VMware then the logical thing for Dell EMC would be to ditch Cisco and bring it’s is own portfolio for the Vxblock.

But the above did not happen so Dell EMC decided to a renewed partnership with Cisco on converged infrastructure (CI) products that have run for more than a decade, even though they have their own stuff now.

The deal is centered around Dell EMC’s VxBlock products, which started out about 2009 as a joint venture between EMC and Cisco called VCE (Virtual Computing Environment). EMC bought out Cisco’s stake in the venture before Dell bought EMC.

The devices offered blade servers and networking from Cisco, EMC storage (SAN and NAS devices like VNXe, VNXs, Unity’s, Isilon, VMax), and VMware virtualization software is pre-configured integrated bundles. VCE was retired in favor of new brands, VxBlock, VxRail, and VxRack.

So yes the detail of it is that Dell EMC and Cisco will still have a partnership for a while while they probably get their own solution ready. If you think about all the overlaps in products between Dell and EMC they will probably need more time to go to market. Let’s see what they call their new product line after the VxBlock 1000.

It is still good to see how these companies need each other but the rate at which big boy companies like google buy others we will probably see no more partnerships in a few years from now.

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