Introducing NetApp HCI

Introducing NetApp HCI

By Cobus Smit – 12 Set 2019

I cannot say a lot here about NetApp HCI architecture as it is standard stuff like most other HCI vendors out there. They have a good and easy to understand portfolio and the storage is solid as the name indicates “SolidFire”.

So, they are dependent on VMware, SolidFire, and branded intel servers. Not sure where the differentiation comes in.

Currently (Sept 2019), they have these offerings:

NetApp HCI combines compute and storage into a single scalable platform and controls it through a single management platform. This convenience and efficiency have made HCI the fastest-growing segment in the datacentre. Pretty standard on most HCI vendors.

Moreover, with many experts predicting that this growth will reach $8 billion in 2020, it seems like a great time to bring an HCI platform to the market. But will NetApp’s HCI offering bring something unique to the datacentre? NetApp certainly thinks so.

So, NetApp says its HCI offering is the next evolution of HCI. No idea why they would say that as you can get these from most vendors out there, but I guess the competition is stiff.

SolidFire (the storage company they bought) originally designed its HCI platform for enterprise-scale, and to grow based on compute and/or storage demands. By decoupling the storage and compute, their customers could now add either resource as needed and avoid over-purchasing either compute or storage which is nice and applicable to most other HCI vendors out there.

NetApp’s philosophy regarding HCI was summarized by CEO George Kurian on NetApp’s first-quarter fiscal year 2018 earnings conference call. He said that NetApp’s approach is to bring to the enterprise an enterprise-grade hyper-converged solution that deals with some of the challenges that first-generation hyper-converged solutions have posed; NetApp’s new HCI release seems to align with this.

NetApp HCI is standard and a good buy also not very difficult to configure. So if you get it for a better price than other HCI solutions out there then take it you will not be disappointed.

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