HPE-Nutanix Partnership with GreenLake.

HPE-Nutanix Partnership with GreenLake.

The HPE-Nutanix Partnership with GreenLake aims at Dell EMC and VMware’s market-share in servers and hyper-converged infrastructure. Where the partnership is looking at expanding its share of the HCI pie.


Nutanix is offering its Enterprise Cloud OS software on HPE’s GreenLake consumption-based pay-per-use offering. The two vendors are creating integrated appliances that will allow partners to sell HPE ProLiant and Apollo servers. With Nutanix’s software on top, enabling customers to purchase an HPE-Nutanix solution.

A recent quote from an exec who partners with HPE, Dell, and Nutanix according to CRN.com. ‘Now we’ll be able to go in there with [Nutanix] AHV and some other products so we can deliver world-class software on HPE and not run VMware at all in the organization anymore’


If you ask if the relationship between Nutanix and Dell EMC will change? They said that “it will just expand their solutions” …

If you think about it then this is just better billing for the client like Dell EMC claims on their Virtustream appliance.

Dell EMC and VMware, do have things in place and engineers from both vendors working to create joint solutions and push sales towards VMware. This makes sense for Nutanix and HPE to partner together and try and beat this.
The differentiation for companies at the end of the day will be financial and the consumption model, as we all try to find the best solutions while saving money.

One more thing I would like to mention is that you still have the option of choosing your hardware on any of the below suppliers to run Nutanix on so it is still a bit difficult for HPE to get a bigger slice of the HCI market but will walk away with Greenlake’s pay-per-use as an extra feature. These below are the custom appliances and you can also run Nutanix and some standard Cisco and HPE x86 servers.

But the partners will probably drive sales for HPE with Nutanix as I see it here in South Africa already.

Cobus Smit – 16 Sept 2019

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