Fujitsu and Nutanix partner up on HCI

Fujitsu and Nutanix partner up on HCI

Fujitsu is enabling SAP HANA on HCI on Nutanix on PRIMERGY to get better management, higher performance and increased scalability across both private and hybrid clouds.

Fujitsu is using the Nutanix-based hyper-converged infrastructure offering to promote the full integration of SAP HANA into wider data center infrastructures. Traditionally deployed as a standalone technology, SAP HANA has been directly coupled with dedicated storage. This integration allows for more simplified management and greater scalability of SAP HANA

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Newly available, Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on PRIMERGY is an integrated system that combines the market-leading Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software and  Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is software-defined, meaning that the management of the networking, storage, and data center infrastructure is automated by software rather than by hardware. As if you will ever get virtual hardware 🙂

Optimized for SAP HANA and delivered as an SAP-certified. Nutanix helps with growth and management stuff, as I mentioned. 

Fujitsu is the single point of contact for hardware and Nutanix HCI support for the joint solution, offering additional services (another layer of support to struggle with). This is not different from lots of other hardware vendors using Nutanix on their hardware..

The offering includes dedicated backup solutions via data protection appliances that are integrated with Nutanix and have features such as all-in-one backup, multi-cloud backup and recovery, and multi-cloud and hypervisor data migration.

Certified hardware

Fujitsu hardware OEM now in partnership with Nutanix to run Nutanix cloud-ready software.

Nutanix Operating System: AOS, Nutanix Hypervisor: AHV and VMware Esxi on Fujitsu native hardware model PRIMERGY RX2540 M4 is re-designed for Nutanix platform with certified Model number XF8055 2U LFF appliance and other models i.e XF1070 ( 1U LFF ), XF3070 ( 1U SFF ), XF8050 ( 2U SFF ), XF8055 ( 2U LFF ).

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Cobus Smit – 17 Sept 2019

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