What is Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX?

What is Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX?

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Let us discuss what is Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX? Fujitsu is a leading Japanese company started in 1935. They named Fujitsu in FORTUNE Magazine’s 2019 list of “World’s Most Admired Companies” as part of the IT Services industry with high evaluations in categories including Global Competitiveness and Innovation.

Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX (their HCI solution) is a pre-defined, integrated and tested combination of servers, storage, network connectivity, and software. Along with its reference architectures, Fujitsu makes detailed configuration and installation documents available as a standard. In operations nowadays, you sometimes struggle to get these from the vendors. Optional deployment and integration services ensure integration into the on-site environment. Fujitsu’s PRIMEFLEX integrated system includes both, classical converged and hyper-converged systems. It comprises ready-to-run factory-installed solutions and reference architectures which they customize to customer-specific requirements.

Fujitsu’s hardware solutions:

They have hardware options as the ones below (Oct 2019) to run other company’s software (Microsoft, Nutanix or VMware) on that enables their HCI solution.

Click here to see all hardware from Fujitsu.

6 PRIMEFLEX CI and HCI Solutions

1. PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSphere

PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSphere is a CI on a classical architecture with external storage and virtualization technology from VMware. You may choose between Fujitsu storage (ETERNUS DX hybrid storage and ETERNUS AF All-Flash storage) and NetApp storage (FAS and AFF), and between iSCSI and Fiber Channel connectivity. Network switches (from Extreme Networks and optionally Broadcom), cabling, and rack infrastructure are included. There are multiple configurations varying in size. Fujitsu’s infrastructure manager ISM serves for converged life-cycle management of all components involved. Standard old school solution here. It is solid and stable though.

2. PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN

PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN is a HCI on the VMware vSAN SDS solution. The system supports up to 64 server nodes and is available in various vSAN Ready Nodes configurations with pre-installed software for specific use cases, such as All-Flash configurations for write-intensive workloads demanding for low latency, hybrid configurations with hard disks and Solid State Disks for mixed workloads, and special high density configurations for use cases with data centers. PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN is also a proven solution for private cloud. The reference architecture approach allows flexible adjustments of the pre-defined configurations regarding processor type, main memory size and storage capacity. PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSAN is certified for SAP HANA.

3. PRIMEFLEX for VMware Cloud Foundation

PRIMEFLEX for VMware Cloud Foundation a Software Defined Data Center based the VMware HCI Cloud Foundation software stack. The system is available in various configurations from 4 to 192 servers, which are expandable up to 240 nodes. It is based on VMware vSphere, vSAN and NSX for virtualizing compute, storage, and network resources. The additional SDDC Manager acts as an automation engine for provisioning, monitoring and life-cycle management, taking care of virtual and physical resources. VMware vRealize is an optional add-on that turns PRIMEFLEX for VMware Cloud Foundation into a full private cloud infrastructure. A further option is VMware Horizon, which makes the platform usable as a virtual desktop infrastructure. As it delivers the Integrated System ready-to-run, it will also be ready-to-operate within a couple of hours after arrival. PRIMEFLEX for VMware Cloud Foundation is the ideal general-purpose platform for service providers who want to serve multiple customers by a shared infrastructure. It enables service providers to respond quickly as their customers’ needs evolve. This ability is a key criterion for competitive success.

4. PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI

PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI is a hyper-converged system based on software-defined storage technology (Storage Spaces Direct) integrated in Microsoft’s Windows Server 2019 Datacenter. The system supports up to 16 server nodes. Various configurations for a broad range of use cases are in place covering mixed workloads and workloads requiring high I/O performance. Configuration options include hard disks, Solid State Disks and high-speed NVMe disks that allow for setting up a 2-tier and 3-tier storage infrastructure. The reference architecture approach allows flexible adjustments of the pre-defined configurations.

5. PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack

Azure Stack from Microsoft extends Azure Cloud to your on-premises data center enabling new use cases for Azure customers. They may run cloud workloads that have to cope with low latencies. The idea is to process data where it generates and aggregate the results for further analytics in the Azure cloud, even if there is no permanent connectivity to the Azure Cloud. Alternatively, they may run cloud workloads, which because of regulatory requirements, security, privacy or compliance where they do not allow demands to be done in the Azure Public Cloud. Azure Stack enables you to develop applications once, while giving you the freedom to deploy them either on-premises or in the cloud. For the end user it is transparent where workloads they are using are running: on-premises on Azure tack or in the Public Azure Cloud, because both environments are consistent.

PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack is an integrated system, which includes PRIMERGY servers, Fujitsu networking switches, Fujitsu’s Infrastructure Manager ISM, and Azure Stack software from Microsoft. They hand the system over to you or your customer ready-to-run. In combination with the Azure Cloud, PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack represents a true hybrid cloud.

6. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on PRIMERGY

PRIMERGY Fujitsu’s Integrated Systems portfolio completed by Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on PRIMERGY, a factory-integrated, ready-to-run hyper-converged infrastructure system based on the virtualization technology from Nutanix. The system supports many nodes. Various configurations for a broad range of use cases are in place; among them are special ones for VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), ROBO (Remote Offices and Branch Offices) and pure usage as storage. They can add Cloud management can as an option. They also certify Nutanix Enterprise Cloud on PRIMERGY for SAP HANA.


PRIMEFLEX is a stable CI/HCI solution for any company, but they are more of a hardware solution that depends on other software solutions. If you are a Fujitsu fan, then their supported solutions will work on most use cases.

By Cobus Smit – 9 Oct 2019

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