Hyper-converged servers – IBM – Review Oct 2019

Hyper-converged servers – IBM – Review Oct 2019


IBM Hyper-converged servers running Nutanix is an HCI solution that combines Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform software with IBM Power Systems. The integrated solution targets high end workloads with an infrastructure easy to manage scale. You can enjoy Nutanix’s NDFS file system that eliminates the need for standalone storage systems.


IBM Hyper converged Systems powered by Nutanix now supports IBM AIX. AIX runs fully virtualized on the Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor and it manages its virtual machine life cycle through Nutanix Prism. IBM Power customers can leverage IBM Hyper converged systems using AIX on Nutanix to run their workloads on.

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IBM HCI Solution

On May 16, 2017, Nutanix announced that it had formed a partnership with IBM to deliver Nutanix’s hyper converged software using IBM’s POWER processor.  Like a few other vendors out there, IBM only supplies hyperconverged servers and integrates some software on top of the Nutanix solution. Systems built with the POWER architecture differ from the normal x86 servers HCI vendors typically use. Engineered to be more powerful and open than most other HCI vendors. POWER8 processors enable 4X more memory bandwidth, cache and threads per core versus x86. This produces a powerful Linux cluster capable of delivering many more virtual machines (VMs) than a traditional x86 systems.

What the POWER architecture provides is that it extends the core/processor and memory densities beyond what the x86/x64 architecture provides. Nutanix runs on both x86 and POWER. For x86, it supports VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer, and their own Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) derived from Linux KVM. For POWER, it uses AHV re-compiled for POWER chip set.


Scale-out Linux workloads like IBM Web sphere Application Server (WAS), NGINX, and NoSQL/open source databases (OSDB) like EDB Postgres & MongoDB are a good fit for IBM Hyper-converged Systems powered by Nutanix. IBM customers will have the freedom to run a variety of virtualized Linux applications with Nutanix’s built-in AHV hypervisor. If you need to run on premesis VMware or Azure then you cannot go the IBM HCI route and have to run this on their public cloud. This is a good solution for specific work cases.

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