What is cloud technology? 10 Oct 2019

What is cloud technology? 10 Oct 2019

What is cloud technology?

You are probably among the 90% of people in the world that are already using cloud services, like Gmail, Facebook etc.. but don’t realize it.

The “cloud” is a set of different hardware and software that work collectively to deliver many aspects of computing to the end-user as an online service. Cloud Computing is the use of hardware and software to deliver a service over the Internet or local network. With cloud computing, users can access files and use applications from any device that can access the Internet. You are basically using other company’s computers to store your stuff.

Why must I use the cloud?

It is easier and cheaper to store the data in the cloud on many physical and/or virtual servers that are hosted by a third-party service provider. An example of a cloud computing file storage provider is your Gdrive by Google to store your documents and photos online.

With Software services, companies’ applications are hosted by the cloud service provider and are made available over a network saving costly deployment and maintenance costs.

What are public\private\hybrid Clouds?

A Public Cloud is where you store your stuff on someone else’s hardware. You have no control of the back-end hardware and design.

A Private Cloud is where you store your files on your own hardware and software solutions, usually under the control of a corporate IT department. An example of a Private Cloud would be a company that uses one of the hyper-converged hardware and software providers on their own premises or data centers.

A Hybrid cloud is a mix of both and is usually used by companies who want to control some infrastructure and outsource the rest to companies like Microsoft, AWS or Google. This is the hardware and software part. So they will in part have their own infrastructure and in part host another part on the public cloud.

Many companies are moving to a Hybrid Cloud Computing model. With this model, companies are given the flexibility of storing sensitive data securely in a private cloud while storing public data in a public cloud. Both infrastructures are kept as separate, unique entities.

Are my files safe in the Cloud?

While no solution is 100% safe, cloud providers put lots of measures in place to replicate, backup, and protect your valuables.


There are so many buzz words out there that confuse us. This site – HCIFIT.COM focuses on some vendor companies that provide mostly private cloud to customers. For you as an individual just think of the cloud just as somebody else’s computer:)

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