HPE On-Prem Nutanix-as-a-Service – 8 Oct 2019

HPE On-Prem Nutanix-as-a-Service – 8 Oct 2019

In the .NEXT conference Nutanix held 8 Oct 2019, Nutanix announced availability of the integrated private cloud “as-a-Service” solution with HPE and a new integration with the popular IT management platform ServiceNow. “HPE GreenLake is one of the fastest growing offerings from HPE, and Nutanix is excited to be a part of it,” said Ben Gibson, Nutanix Chief Marketing Officer. “We love the opportunity to provide more choice to customers and adding Nutanix Enterprise Cloud to the GreenLake portfolio gives yet another way for IT to simplify how they deliver services rapidly to the business.”

HPE, which has its own HCI brand called SimpliVity, will not sell the solution but Nutanix and its channel partners will. The ServiceNow integration announced will automate management of customers’ Nutanix private clouds via the ServiceNow IT Operations Management solution. It discovers Nutanix private cloud infrastructure automatically, provides catalog-based automatic provisioning, and automates alerts for Nutanix private cloud incidents, such as host power loss or maxing out of capacity.

Nutanix’s plan is to integrate its software with as many hardware vendors as possible irrespective if they are competitors. It’s also been selling its own hardware appliances. Nutanix is on a drive to go software only. In a previous article, I discussed their partnership with HPE GreenLake.

Partners will also sell this integrated HCI solution. Customers can buy and manage this solution and it is called “HPE ProLiant DX”, It is Nutanix’s software pre-installed on HPE ProLiant and Apollo servers shipped to customers from HPE directly. It is a kind of two-way street, as HPE will still push for SimpliVity.

Customer benefits:

HPE GreenLake with Nutanix uses a unit of measure consisting of the amount of GiB of virtual RAM allocated for use with the VMs. The average consumption over the month is calculated and then billed monthly. Though the customer takes delivery of the HPE systems with Nutanix software on-site or at the customers’ co-location facility, there is no charge up-front, just a monthly bill based on actual consumption. This makes expenditures better matched with usage.

By Cobus Smit – 14 Oct 2019

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