Updated VxRail HCI NVMe

Updated VxRail HCI NVMe

VxRail HCI NVMe updates include:

Dell EMC or Dell Technologies has updated VxRail with two new NVMe-based systems with 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors.

  1. The  VxRail P580N, which is all NVMe four-socket system for SAP HANA workloads. It bases twice the CPU and memory per system on the Xeon SP processors .
  • 2. The VxRail E560N, which has a all NVMe 1U form factor for high performance workloads.

Dell EMC introduced Dell EMC SmartFabric

The SmartFabric Services automate over 99% of the configuration steps for multi-rack fabrics. SFS fully automates fabric configuration for six switches in a two-rack deployment and up to 14 switches in a six-rack deployment. This makes management a lot easier for operational staff and if you think about the whole purpose of HCI at the end is to simplify solutions. Big win for them here!

Dell EMC VxRail Analytical Consulting Engine

ACE is a VxRail management platform that analyzes hyper-converged performance and detects anomalies. ACE also predicts capacity needs. HPE also announced a similar concept on their SimpliVity system recently.

Where VxRail fits in

VxRail is the only HCI solution VMware sells on their website as a hardware solution, although they support many hardware vendors out there and is the flagship solution from Dell Technologies.

Now I still wait for the day that Dell Tech partner with Nutanix to run it on VxRAIL 🙂

By Cobus Smit – 11 Nov 2019

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