6 Reasons why HCI Events and Keaynotes suck

6 Reasons why HCI Events and Keaynotes suck

Why do I think hyper converged events and keynotes suck?

  1. Every quarter or year you hear new promises from vendors about what is coming to the market and then the previous quarter or years hype just disappears like vapor. The older products that were sold a year ago are now not relevant anymore and new money needs to be generated. Solution – be honest and talk about previous failures and screw-ups with your product line.
  2. All the major vendors on cloud and especially with private and hybrid are all just a bunch of sales executives bragging and talking about themselves and their product line while most of them has no clue what is behind the scenes… And they probably should because without that bragging and marketing stuff, you will find out that most other vendors can do the same. Solution – Get more humble technical people to explain the truth behind your products.
  3. Customer testimonials are shared with big enthusiasm but they compare it to the products from different vendors that faded away a few years ago on previous keynotes and it is most end-of-life products anyway. They run demos to sell even more. But these demos seldom work elsewhere. Solution – Compare apples with apples.
  4. Too much money is being spent on getting famous people to talk and trying to entertain the crowd with stuff that has nothing to do with the hyper converged solutions. Presidents and CIOs talk about solutions they know little about and it does not help the company’s in need of solutions – Solution – This is not about your position so use technical people instead.
  5. The last couple of Hyper Converged events or any other IT events I attended I could not care less about the keynote and to be honest it is boring and a waste of time. Again, just an ego thing for the executives. Solution – Most Presidents etc don’t really know their company’s products well enough, so if they speak then make it short and to the point.

By Cobus Smit – 15 Nov 2019

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