Release of AWS Outposts Jan 2020

Release of AWS Outposts Jan 2020

By Cobus Smit – 14 Jan 2020

In a previous post of mine I wrote about Amazon outposts. AWS announced the release of AWS Outposts, which allows AWS customers to take advantage of a fully AWS solution for public/private and hybrid cloud. As with my previous article VMware will make this all possible on a fully AWS system. The Outposts architecture is based upon the AWS public cloud compute architecture but is hosted at customer sites. This solution allows customers to use AWS technology exclusively. Customers place infrastructure orders online, Amazon will then ship the modular compute rack and a trained AWS technician will connect, set up and validate the installation.The Outposts hardware is the same that runs in AWS data centers

Amazon has designed their racks with reliability and efficiency in mind, compared to other infrastructure vendors where they do it a bit differently regarding the power and Backplane.

AWS infrastructure racks come fully assembled and ready to deployed into the customers datacentre. Upon delivery, they just plug in the power and networking. Automation then takes over making EC2 instances available after performing burn-in testing. We have replicated this experience with AWS Outposts and once you bring networking and power to the rack, the build process is fully automated.

Amazon still monitors the infrastructure although it sits in the customer location. So AWS does most upgrades and things depending on the solution you bought. This will boost the AWS workforce as their skills still applies on outposts.

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Customers have many options with choosing the infrastructure components. Outposts support Intel powered, Nitro-based EC2 instances including C5, C5d, M5, M5d, R5, R5d, G4, and I3en. Customers can mix types as required and can add additional infrastructure as required.

From a storage and networking perspective, Outposts supports EBS gp2, general purpose SSD storage with a maximum size of 2.7 TB and each Outpost has a pair of networking devices. Each networking device has the capacity of up to 400 Gps of connectivity and support for 1 GigE, 10 GigE, 40 GigE, and 100 Gigabit fiber connections.

Outposts are only available in select countries as of Jan 2020, including United States, all EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, South Korea and Australia.

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