VxFlex Integrated rack new release

VxFlex Integrated rack new release

New Release For VxFlex Integrated rack.

The VxFlex integrated rack documentation was updated in Jan 2020 to include:

  • Storage-only VxFlex integrated rack
  • VxFlex compute-only nodes supporting Windows Server 2016 and Hyper-V
  • Architecture to scale for support of more than 500 nodes (using Cisco Leaf-Spine network design)
  • CloudLink integration for software-based data-at-rest encryption and key management
  • Dell networking support within the VxFlex integrated rack, including Dell switches:
    • Dell EMC Networking S5248F-ON access switches
    • Dell EMC Networking S5232F-ON aggregation switches
    • Dell EMC Networking S4148T-ON management switches
  • Data compression support on VxFlex hyperconverged nodes
  • NVMe with VxFlex hyperconverged nodes
  • VxFlex Manager support for upgrading VxFlex OS
  • VxFlex integrated rack support for updated RCMs– including up to VxFlex OS 3.0.1 and vSphere 6.7 U3

NEW!  A new document is now available that describes how to use VxFlex Manager to perform common management tasks. For more information, see VxFlex Integrated Rack: Using VxFlex Manager Guide.

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