IoT.nxt: Smart Telco Base Station Demo

IoT.nxt: Smart Telco Base Station Demo

By Cobus Smit – 13 Feb 2020

IoT.nxt – Smart Telco Base Station

The IoT.nxt Raptor solution, running on a Dell Edge Gateway 3000 Series, allows organizations to connect to their operating environments, enabling true digital transformation. IoT.nxt® unlocks exponential business value by harnessing the power of true system and device interoperability.

This interactive demo shows the power of the IoT.nxt Commander and Raptor solutions, Powered by Dell Technologies, in the context of managing a Telco Base Station. Realise the power of IoT when it comes to managing unmanned remote assets for Telecommunications through the IoT.nxt platform.

You will get to showcase some of the key benefits of IoT.nxt including

  • Digital Twin of a Base Station
  • Power and Energy management
  • Understanding Base Station Assets
  • Managing Environmentals

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IoT.nxt – Demo

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