PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Demo

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Demo

By Cobus Smit – 13 Feb 2020

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Demo

Cyber Recovery maintains mission-critical business data and technology configurations in a secure ‘vault’ environment that can be used for cyber recovery. Cyber Recovery allows access to the vault only long enough to replicate data from the production system. At all other times, the vault is secured and off the network. A deduplication process is performed in the production environment to expedite the replication process so that connection time to the vault system is as short as possible. Within the vault, Cyber Recovery creates point-in-time retention-locked copies that can be validated and then used for recovery and restoration back to the production system.

In this lab, we will go through Cyber Recovery software and will cover below modules

-Installation of Cyber Recovery Software

-Deploying CR OVA appliance

-Upgrading CR software

-Exploring Cyber Recovery GUI

-Data Analysis using Index Engines CyberSense

-Filesystem Data Recovery after a cyber attack

-NetWorker automated recovery

-PPDM automated recovery

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PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Demo

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