VxRail Demo

By Cobus Smit – 13 Feb 2020

VxRail 4.7

The VxRail interactive demo covers the first run installation process highlighting the benefits of VxRail built-in automation, capabilities and functionality. An automated upgrade using the VxRail Marketplace is demonstrated as well as, the many features of the new VxRail Manager Plugin for vCenter. Other modules include; scale out (adding nodes), and shutdown procedures.  An new module has been added to the module showcased the new Analytical Consulting Engine (ACE) for VxRail.  ACE provides:

  • VxRail cluster Health Scores, Alarms, Storage/Usage, VMs, and Inventory information presented in Logical and Physical views
  • Cluster performance charted over CPU, Memory, Disk and Networking components
  • Anomaly Detection calculated with infrastructure machine learning

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