Free IT infrastructure management

Free IT infrastructure management

Pandora FMS is a monitoring software for IT infrastructure management. It includes network equipment, Windows and Unix servers, virtual infrastructure and all different kinds of applications. Pandora FMS has a large amount of features, making it a new generation software which covers all the monitoring issues that your organization may have.

Tired of endless console, scripts and configuration files?

In Pandora FMS, everything is inside the GUI: Reports, Graphs, and Setup.

Pandora FMS unifies your monitoring in a single tool

Performance and availability

Events, graphs, SLA, and full reports, dashboards and views.


SNMP v3, SNMP Traps, WMI, Remote Plugin Execution, Network discovery and Network Maps.


Agent and agentless monitoring for Windows, Linux, Unix and Android


SAP, Oracle, Tomcat, MySQL, DB2, JMX, IIS, HyperV and more…

Who said Compatibility was out of style?

One of the words that defines Pandora FMS is ‘flexible’, we even have it in their name (“Flexible Monitoring System”). That’s why they made it fully compatible with most Open Source tools; apart from giving users the chance to code their own integrations with the services of their choice, so everyone could join in.

Get the latest code from GitHub

They say that they are OpenSource since 2003, and their OpenSource code is published under GPL2.0 license. They have more than 400,000 lines of code available for everyone. Visit our GitHub project.

To get started with open source version click here

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