Quantum VS-HCI Series

Quantum VS-HCI Series

By Cobus smit – 27 March 2020 from Quantum Corporation

VS-HCI Software

The VS-HCI Series servers come pre-installed with the Quantum storage operating system and certified VMS applications running within a virtual machine.

The software provides high availability at multiple levels of software to mitigate against hard drive failure, node failure, and VM failure.

Drives within the servers are protected with RAID, so that drives can fail and be replaced without causing data loss. Storage is protected by synchronously replicating storage volumes between a primary server and a secondary server. The VS-HCI Series software is continuously monitoring the state of the VM or VMs running the application, and if a VM fails (due to a crash, shutdown, or other reason), the software will detect the failure and automatically restart the VM, either on the same node, or on the other node if the primary node is unavailable.

VS-HCI Software Provides Failover to Maximize Uptime

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) for Surveillance Recording and Video Management

The Quantum VS-HCI Series provides hyperconverged infrastructure for surveillance recording and video management, providing a single platform for multiple physical security workloads. The VS-HCI Series is available as either a 2U rack mount server, or an ultra-dense 4U, 60-drive rack mount server. Multiple servers can be connected in an HCI cluster for redundancy, and the VS-HCI Series software provides for failover between servers. Unlike other HCI product offerings, the Quantum VS-HCI Series is purpose-built for surveillance and security workloads, enabling support of higher camera counts with less hardware expense.

To maximize uptime, the VS-HCI Series provides for multiple levels of redundancy, both within the server by using redundant components and RAID6 protection and failover between servers. Lastly, the VS-HCI Series is backed by Quantum’s global support organization, providing world-class pre- and post-sale services to tens of thousands of customers around the world 24x7x365.

Technical Specifications

Quantum VS-HCI Series
Quantum VS-HCI Series
Quantum VS-HCI Series
Quantum VS-HCI Series

Featured Benefits


Run Multiple Physical Security Workloads

Run high-performance storage, video management and recording servers, and other workloads on a single HCI platform.


High Performance

The VS-HCI Series is purpose-built for video recording and management, which means it can record more cameras and run your VMS infrastructure all on the same hardware, reducing capital expense.


Failover to Maximize Uptime

Multiple levels of redundancy are provided both within the server and between servers in a VS-HCI cluster.


Highest Density

An HCI cluster built on ultra-dense VS4160-HCI servers can support hundreds to thousands of cameras and retain footage for months to years in less rack space.


Monitor System Health Anytime, Anywhere

System health and performance can be remotely monitored from a web browser or mobile device using Quantum’s hosted web-based portal.

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