New Dell EMC VxRail AMD EPYC & VxRail Ruggedized system

New Dell EMC VxRail AMD EPYC & VxRail Ruggedized system

By Cobus Smit – 23 June 2020

Dell Technologies added two new additions to its VxRail HCI, offering its first-ever ruggedized system and for the first time introducing Dell EMC VxRail AMD EPYC processors into the mix. So you have been playing on the volatile oil market recently… One less thing to worry about is the volatility of your edge computing when you buy a VxRail ruggedized system as it can at least withstand the compute part of these markets… 🙂

We already see that Dell Tech HCI got $666 million in HCI sales in the first quarter of 2020 and we know that there are a few customers who get excited reading this as they have been looking for an AMD based VxRail for some time now to cram in more cores per CPU. Let us have a look at some of the internals

VxRail Ruggedized system

The Rugged systems aim to bring high-performance computing to edge environments for industries such as oil and gas and manufacturing. Like I said earlier now you only have to worry about the oil market and not the compute part…

The rugged version of VxRail will be the D Series. The system will be compact and designed for remote environments. This little beast, designed to take 40G of operational shock and operate at up to 15,000 feet, uses 2nd Gen Intel Xeon processors and is 20-inches deep.

VxRail D Series will be available on June 23 2020


So the AMD EPYC will be available on the E-Series – to have a look at the VxRail Series click here a recent blog. The AMD EPYC version is giving the chipmaker more throughput with more cores. Dell Tech indicated that the VxRail E Series is the first with AMD support. The compact systems are available with NVMe, all-flash or hybrid storage configurations. It is also optimal for edge deployments as they couple a high-efficiency power supply in a compact 1U system to especially suit customers that need high-performance computing power in a single socket platform


VxRail with the new Edge and extreme locations, Kubernetes @ cloud-scale, etc… is just adding on to an already great and proven HCI product. These new add-ons/features and the new PowerStore appliances can only go from an already market-leading HCI to a “Usain Bolt” that the other players will struggle to catch… Read more about VxRail at Dell Tech.

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