Datrium has entered into an agreement to be acquired by VMware

Datrium has entered into an agreement to be acquired by VMware

By Cobus Smit – 2 July 2020 – Thanks to Datrium

Datrium and VMware

It seems as if Datrium has entered into an agreement to be acquired by VMware.

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According to Datrium “Data protection and cost-effective cloud-native disaster recovery is core to our mission at Datrium, and it’s never been more important to our customers. By joining forces with VMware, we’ll be able to accelerate our roadmap plans to support all the major cloud platforms, work with a broader partner community, including more than 4,400 members of the VMware Cloud Provider Program, and deliver more innovation faster”.

The transaction has already been approved by both companies’ Boards but is potentially subject to certain regulatory approvals.

Their founders and employees are among the most well-regarded experts in cloud-native DR and virtualization. Several of their founders have deep VMware roots and were instrumental in the creation of the hypervisor and have a rich history of creating world-class data protection products. While the Datrium team is able to deliver deep technical innovation, they never compromise on the customer experience. They fundamentally believe that DR should be easy, and organizations should not need to contend with VM format conversions or lengthy rehydration periods when they are in the midst of a disaster. VMware has a similar commitment to providing seamless experiences in the hybrid cloud world. Together, they believe their employees will thrive, and customers and partners will be able to take advantage of industry-leading DR and data protection solutions and unprecedented commercial opportunities.

according to VMware, their “Cloud is helping customers with its faster, more secure path to cloud with a broad ecosystem of cloud partners, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and more than 170 VMware Cloud Verified partners. DRaaS is the fastest-growing segment for data protection use cases with a $4.5B market growing at 15% CAGR according to IDC’s Worldwide Data Protection as a Service Forecast for 2019–2023. DRaaS is ideally suited to the hybrid cloud model where cloud economics and flexibility match the infrequent but unpredictable characteristics of disaster scenarios”.

After the deal closes, the Datrium disaster recovery (DR) service will expand on the existing performance-optimized VMware Site Recovery DRaaS solution with a cost-optimized option. The Datrium DRaaS solution delivers an end-to-end cloud driven user experience in VMware Cloud on AWS today. The innovative, cost-optimized approach leverages native cloud services, and provides forever incremental point-in-time copies that are encrypted, deduped, and stored efficiently in AWS S3. Most importantly, Datrium will bring to VMware a team of world-class engineers with deep experience in storage, virtualization, data protection, and cloud technologies. Datrium is already a VMware partner offering an end-to-end DR service with VMware Cloud on AWS.

It will also add Datrium’s proven team and unique IP in cloud storage and end-to-end DR services will broaden the VMware Cloud vision to include DRaaS where customers can experience a consistent operating model across the hybrid cloud during DR instances. We look forward to integrating the Datrium product into our VMware Cloud portfolio to offer an operator-friendly architecture consistent with cloud user expectations.

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