Pavilion Data – Faster than the speed of lightning!

By Cobus Smit – 19 Nov 2020

Pavilion claims to have a storage platform that is “faster than the speed of light” according to them they have the most performant, dense, scalable, and flexible storage platform in the universe.

The unique architecture of the Pavilion HyperParallel Data Platform gives customers unprecedented choice and control to easily deploy high performance, low latency storage with unlimited scale for workloads across block, file, and object workloads without compromises.

They claim you never have to choose between performance and availability again. The unique Pavilion architecture enables the use of active standby controllers, so customers get the performance of multiple controllers and the security of redundancy.

Pavilion also says it uses up to 60GB/s read and 40GB/s write performance for NFS and S3 workloads, across an unlimited number of systems, customers can scale capacity or performance linearly and independently.

Pavilion’s Hardware

Hardware Top Down

Built with standards based components and no custom ASICs or FPGAs, customers enjoy the benefits of affordability without the headaches and compatibility problems of custom built hardware.

Standard NVMe SSDs

With up to 72 2.5” NVMe SSDs, customers can use TLC and SCM based NAND to get the best combination of performance, endurance, and affordability with up to 2.2PB of capacity per array.

Active-Active Line Cards

Up to 10 line cards, each with 2 independent controllers, each with its own CPU, memory, network, and OS instance, with either 4 100Gb Ethernet or Infiniband ports or 1 200Gb port.

Dual Management Controllers

A sophisticated GUI, CLI, and APIs for integration with V-Center, Kubernetes CSI, RedFishTM and SwordFishTM.

Redundant Fabric Modules

Dual, hot-swappable 1.6 Terabit fabrics form the core of a storage array designed like a network switch.

Modular Power & Cooling

Redundant, hot-swappable power and cooling modules keep you powered up and cool.

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